Monday, January 25, 2010

Order of Orias discography

Band : Order of Orias
Origin : Australia
Year : 2009
Genre : Black/Death Metal
Lyrics : Rebellion,Opposition,Illumination
Label : Self-Released

Offering (Demo)


1. Intro 01:19
2. Sins Of The Father 04:55
3. The Whited Sepulcher 04:32
4. Flesh Conspiracy 05:05
Total playing time 15:51

Birth (EP)


1.Apotheosis 05:38
2.Cursed Revenant 04:54
3.Divinity Construct 05:18
4.Vates Nihil 08:42
Total playing time 24:33

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Order of Orias is another good example of what we at Black Metal Universe like to say: there are plenty of quality bands out there waiting to be discovered! Songs like "Sins of the Father" and "Cursed Revenant" are what we like to hear,full of energy and solid as fuck riffs plus one of the most extreme drumming we heard recently - brutal yet technical and precise,compared only to the Swedes Deviant (another great band you must hear) at our humble opinion. As for Bloodgasm too,just if the production was a little better... Give Order of Orias a listen,they totally deserve your attention!