Friday, May 21, 2010

Eschaton - GodMode

Band : Eschaton
Album : GodMode
Origin : Austria
Year : 2004
Genre : Black/Death Metal
Lyrics : Sethianism,Philosophy
Label : Ashen Productions


1. Narcolepsia 04:52
2. Domina Discordia 05:03
3. Dominus Satanas 04:51
4. Libero Me Ipse Morte 06:20
5. Sacred Chao Part V 02:43
6. Sethamorphosis 06:35
Total playing time 30:24

SUPPORT THE BAND - BUY THE ALBUM! SOLD OUT - Offered for free download.

This is one (more) of the times we feel lucky and blessed that our blog has a large audience... how else would we have come across such a great release and band? "GodMode" is a real dynamite! Heavy as fuck riffing,solid bass lines & one of the most spectacular drumming we heard in a while make this release really essential for everyone into the extreme genre! Let's hope the guys will provide us with more releases like this one in the future... "Domina Discordia",our favorite track of the album can be found in the Box widget.