Sunday, June 6, 2010

Illness - Planet Paranoia

Band : Illness
Album : Planet Paranoia
Origin : Poland
Year : 2010
Genre : Black Metal
Lyrics : Paranoia,Illness,Darkness,Misanthropy
Label : -


1.Intro 00:40
2.Total Paranoia 04:04
3.Deadlights 04:36
4.Into the Paranoic Abyss 01:33
5.Selftorture 04:18
6.Death and War 04:28
7.Higher Level of Inhumanity 02:51
8.Visions 03:12
9.Cmentarz 03:47
10.I'm the One 03:53
11.Terrified 02:47
12.Outro 1:11
Total playing time : 37:24

NOTE : As this is a promo copy it contains 5 second voice overs at the end of every song causing minimal destruction though (quality 320Kbps rip).


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The third full length of the Polish horde and yet the best one,as its title suggests pure misanthropic and schizophrenic Black Metal! The trademark ultra fast drumming as well as the screams and growls are present but the arrangements became somehow more complex without though losing their sick attitude. The soundtrack perhaps of todays fucked up civilization...