Saturday, July 17, 2010

Eald - Through a world impatient for my death (Demo)

Band : Eald
Album : Through a world impatient for my death (Demo)
Origin : Spain
Year : 2010
Genre : Black Metal
Lyrics : Misanthropy
Label : Self-Released


1. Frivolous 05:13
2. Perhaps, in the end... 05:45
3. Malice 05:09
4. Prayer to the fallen god 04:53
Total playing time 21:00


SUPPORT THE BAND - BUY THE ALBUM! CLICK HERE (Offered for free download at the band's MySpace blog)

Eald's demo was a pleasant surprise for us, cold & furious Black Metal at it's best! Just love the guitar sound/drumming and the production is a definite plus which adds to the making of a great demo... awaiting for great things in the future!