Thursday, July 1, 2010

Naakhum - 2012 Dawn Of Fate Frequency (EP)

Band : Naakhum
Album : 2012 Dawn Of Fate Frequency (EP)
Origin : Spain
Year : 2010
Genre : Ambient/Experimental Black Metal
Lyrics : World Pagan Tribes,Aliens in history,War,Greed
Label : Self-Released


1. Eguzki haize (Solvind Diyiriblues)
2. Tjukurpa [Eternal] Return (Instrumental)
3. Quantum Leap (2012AC Reflexion Prophecy)
4. Entrega d'Intel·lecte (Instrumental)
5. Plato's Cavern Myth (Aλληγορία του σπηλαίου του Πλάτωνα)
6. Alçar el vol


SUPPORT THE BAND - BUY THE ALBUM! Offered for Free download (Naakhum MySpace Blog)

Third release of this one man band from Spain - mostly mid tempo arrangements dominated by bizarre synth drones & plenty of acoustic instruments. Highly experimental and based on the music of civilizations that most of them are long lost but never the less a very interesting album!