Monday, August 9, 2010

Ninnghizhidda - Blasphemy

Band : Ninnghizhidda
Album : Blasphemy
Origin : Germany
Year : 1998
Genre : Symphonic Black Metal
Lyrics : Nihilism,Evil,Anti-Religion,H.P.Lovecraft
Label : Invasion


1. Moonlight Serenade 05:52
2. Of Demons And Witches Part I 03:07
3. Baphomet (In The Name Of ...) 04:19
4. Reach The Jewels Gleam 03:57
5. Of Demons And Witches Part II 03:18
6. Dressed In Mourning 02:34
7. The Horned Serpent 04:37
8. Crucify The Lambs Of Christ 03:23
9. Deny Thy Philosophy 04:01
10. Nailed Upon A Cross 04:46
11. Ode To The Horned Majesty 01:53
Total playing time 41:40


What a great band they were (one of our all time favorites by the way), a real shame they split up... Awesome melodies that remain in the listener's ear for good,a very good production and this whole evil & blasphemous atmosphere (the female vocals add a lot to this)... "Blasphemy" doesn't reach the high standards of Demigod but it's a hell of a release!
Requested by Dark, enjoy our friend! Unfortunately we don't have Ninnghizhidda's demos, if someone can help us out with these we would be more than grateful :)