Thursday, January 21, 2010

DIS - Opus 1

Band : DIS
Album : Opus 1
Origin : U.S.A.
Year : 2004
Genre : Black Metal
Lyrics : Politics,Justice,Quantum Physics,Truth,Future,Anti-Religion
Label : Self-Released


1. Descent through the Avernal 03:33
2. Of Mal-Intent and Other Treacheries 04:47
3. The Blackness Declaration 02:38
4. The Rise of the Undying 05:24
5. The Life and Times of Edwine Salizar 04:01 (Watch @ YouTube)
6. Of the Red and the Black 04:27
7. Usurpers of the Broken Gates 05:03
8. Of Ominous Looks Into the Future 05:41 (Watch @ YouTube)
9. Demonicide - Revelations (Bonus Track) 2:01
Total playing time 37:35

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We're for sure not the right people to criticize DIS albums as they were always one of our major obsessions... Aaron (the sole man behind DIS) is a true mastermind! Still consider his first work "Opus 1" as his finest - complex,aggressive & heavy as fuck riffing,atmospheric & sometimes bizarre keyboards,ultra fast & accurate well sounding drum machine along with a 5-star rated production (which has something to do with Aaron studying computer science) make a real killer album - & the lyrics are a plus too =) Give DIS a listen,you will be glad you did!