Monday, August 9, 2010

Deafheaven - Deafheaven (Demo)

Band : Deafheaven
Album : Deafheaven (Demo)
Origin : U.S.A.
Year : 2010
Genre : Experimental/Ambient Black Metal
Label : Self-Released


1.Libertine Dissolves 05:13
2.Bedrooms 02:07
3.Daedalus 05:54
4.Exit:Denied 11:29
Total playing time : 24:44

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First demo of this mysterious San Francisco based band consisting of three tracks and a small interlude ("Bedrooms"), mostly mid-tempo arrangements with a good and solid structure that leave a rather pessimistic feeling overall. The whole atmosphere (especially the fast parts) remind us of Wolves in the Throne Room,Woe and Amesoeurs... Really nice debut,awaiting for more in the future! Check them out :)